Welcome to the launch of SubscriptionMaker.net! This website was started to help makers achieve the economic stability that subscription services have to offer. There’s no way that alternative or contingent work will ever offer the stability that full-time employment does for the majority of people. However, building a business based on recurring revenue comes very close.

The concept for SubcriptionMaker.net came from conversations with a number of very important makerspace developers. Most of these people were concerned with how hard it is for hobbyists to turn their hobbies into viable businesses.

Each case is different. On the other hand, you can understand how traditional business models that value growth above all else may not be right for makers. The reason being that makers want to get paid for doing what they love doing, which is helping people not for their marketing efforts.

In a future post, we will talk about why we use the term “maker” and exactly who we are talking about when we use it. We will also spend some talking about the maker movement and the great debt we owe these pioneers in economic disruption.

Full disclaimer, I am not an expert in designing subscription services. I am an enterprise architect. I am more comfortable talking about the impact of technology on transnational corporate strategy. However, I can build a website and I am familiar with a lot of the new technologies (read as cheap technologies) needed to produce subscription services.

So, we’ll start our conversations with these things in mind and see how far we get. Further, I am not above talking with people who know a lot more about subscription services and membership sites than I do. The idea is to start a conversation in which everyone benefits.


Success as a subscription maker all comes down to substantive conversations that move you closer to satisfying your customer’s needs — not academic debates by people who pose as experts. We will celebrate the everyday conversations of people just trying to figuring things out.

Zachary Alexander