SubscriptionMakerBook Interview


Most people work way too hard and earn too little from their online businesses. So it makes sense why you would consider adding subscription services or becoming a subscription-only business. Subscription Businesses are designed so you can grow your business like a SaaS Superstar with a fraction of the effort. was started to guide entrepreneurs on their subscription-making journey. Great subscription programs are made through the process of innovation and refinement. However, the growth of these programs stems from the strength and stability of their Expansion-dominate Logic Systems.

So much of what passes as common sense relates to customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, customer satisfaction is not a growth strategy. The problem is that people who are satisfied will move to the shiny competitor because they don't know the customer experience. And as long as your service is good enough, they can always come back.

 What's needed is an Expansion-dominate Logic System, a way to keep upping the ante and making it logically more difficult to go. The big idea is to increase the FOMO factor constantly. FOMO stands for fear of missing out. The plan is to work with one of our guides to create an experience where the FOMO factor increases the longer the customer is away.

 Zachary Alexander