To the SubscriptionMaker community,

You could make the case that the best content creators are the ones that are willing to do the work. The ones willing to walk the walk rather than simply being willing to talk the talk. So, you may be asking what kind on subscription service am I building.

For the record, I am a blogger and podcaster. I love to write blog posts then turn them into podcasts. I have started a couple of blogs that turned into podcasts. They have been fairly successful as far their Google rankings. I believe there is an opportunity to do more with

Let’s start with purpose.

My purpose is to help people who want the flexibility of a creative lifestyle and the stability of recurring revenue. For our conversation, you can think of these people as makers. Having said that I have a very expansive view of what it is to be a maker.

I believe that makers are people who take ownership of their value creation processes. I don’t think that you should limit the term maker to people who belong to makerspaces. You can think of this as more of a Euro view of what it is to be a maker. For example, in the UK people who start web design shops or media agencies consider themselves makers.

It’s from this vantage point that I want to build services. The goal is to start a subscription service that helps makers benefit from the value they create, to take ownership of their value creation process.

Why now?

As you know, the Great Fragmentation and the Great Acceleration are putting a lot of pressure on companies to reduce costs and compete on innovation. The challenge for workers who want to create a stable career is the binge and purge nature of modern transnational corporations.

Transnational corporations aren’t beholding to any country. They can move production at a moments notice to any country that provides them a better return on investment. With the help of politicians in these countries, transnational corporations can shift the economic risk of market fluxations to workers.

You can make the case that becoming a maker is the best way to mitigate the risk posed by the fickleness of transnational corporations. If you take ownership of your value creation process, then you can turn it into a service that generates a stable recurring income.

The Plan

The SubscriptionMaker Community will explore the value creation process from a number of different angles. The goal is provide interviews with experienced makers who have succeeded at making their value creation process work. It will provide peer to peer sessions for those who building their first subscription services.

You have probably heard that success leaves breadcrumbs. The hard truth is that these breadcrumbs can be difficult to follow by yourself. People succeed faster when they can think out loud. They perform better when they can try new things without fear of failure or ridicule. Makerspaces use this philosophy to build community. We’ll try to do the same online.


Walking the Subscription Maker Walk means building an online community that will help you take ownership of your value creation process. The first step is to build a blog and then a podcast and finally a community to provide mutual support. Everyone is welcome.

Zachary Alexander