Subscription Makers should use Avochato if they want a headstart on the emerging SMS or Text-based Marketing trend. It competes favorably with products like Leadpages, which has a text-based offering called LeadDigits.

What is Avochato?

Avochato is a text-based messaging platform that you can also use to manage your contacts. It comes with a phone number that your customers can text. All texts are tracked as they would be in other customer relationship management (CRM) packages.

Full Discloser: I have spoken with Avochato about potentially becoming an affiliate so that I can keep on top any new features and provide them with feedback from members of the maker community.

Why was I looking for a solution like It?

I had used landing pages for a long time to build my email list. Once SMS or text-based options became available, I jumped at the opportunity to collect phone numbers for lead-magnets. However, I ran into problems as the number of lead-magnets grew.

What did It do for me?

Avochato allows me to use as many keywords as I need. For the record, each lead-magnet or other offering requires its own keyword. It provides the capability to hire a virtual assistant for tasks like setting up and manage interviews for my podcast. I am also implementing Calendly as a part of this solution.

When should you use it?

Avochato can be used by companies at all stages of their development. Solopreneurs can use it instead of a website for lead generation and auto-responding. Sales Teams can use Avochato to manage leads. Customer Success Teams can use it to manage and respond to customer service tickets.

Where does it Live?

Avochato is a fully hosted solution. You don’t have to have a website to get started. All you need is a cell phone. It is similar to hosted landing pages for people who want to test the waters before fully committed to developing a web presence.

You also have the option to add a chatbot widget to your self-hosted website. As you know, chatbots are becoming a standard for answering product related questions.

What about integrations?

Natively, Avochato talks with at least four application at the time of this writing: Salesforce, Slack, Office 365 and Google Add Words Click to Message. It has a robust implementation of Zapier. This allows you to customize your implementation of Avochato with thousands of office automation applications.

Why buy it?

Avochato ranks high on innovation and ease of use. Their sales and customer service teams are both responsive and knowledgeable. Most importantly, you get more bang for the buck than other text-based solutions. Other solutions may be cheaper for specific functionality. However, you’ll have to buy a number of add-on packages to satisfy the same requirements provides.

How can you purchase it?

Avochato is licensed on a tiered monthly basis. However, you can choose to purchase a yearly license at a substantial discount. Currently, here are their four tiers:

Pro – $499 per/month, $399 per/month/year

Standard – $229 per/month, $199 per/month/year

Core – $129 per/month, $99 per/month/year Lite – $79 per/month,  $49 per/month/year

Zachary Alexander