Today we are talking with Tiffany Dodson. Tiffany is a respected speaker, author, well-established executive, and owner in the Franchise space. She knows what it takes to achieve success in a franchise. She’s done it with Liberty Tax Services and helped many others achieve similar success in their franchises.

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We are talking with Tiffany because today’s subscription service could be tomorrow’s successful franchise opportunity. Franchises are all about building a system for success and teaching others how to use it to achieve the same level of success. You could make yourself a lot of money if you could make the same case for your subscription service.

Big Takeaway

Make sure your business model matches your lifestyle. Tiffany Dodson reminds us that it’s all about your why. She suggests that doing something just for money is probably not the most sustainable rationale. You’ve got to dig a little deeper and look for a secondary reason for doing what you do. That’s something you can hang your hat on.

–Zachary Alexander