Today we are talking with Tess Vergara. Tess is a master strategy coach, strategic interventionist, and behavioral assessment coach. She helps executives, leaders, and other professionals restore the balance and harmony needed to fulfill their purposes. 

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We all know what it’s like to push through every obstacle and ignore the warning signs that something may not be working well as it once did. The Great Pause (i.e., the Pandemic) has left many of us running on fumes and wondering if it will ever stop. We are just done with uncertainty. So, we are talking with an expert who can help us find our way to the future we desire.

Big Takeaway

Success means being comfortable bringing your whole self to the table. It means not being afraid to be satisfied with the gains you’ve made throughout your life. Positive psychology teaches us that it’s better to naturally develop the strengths we have access to rather than try to manufacture or fabricate some ill-fitting competency.

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