Today, we are talking with Dr. Shari Jo Watkins, or as her friends on the SubscriptionMaker Podcast, call her Shari Jo. Shari Jo is a performance coach, speaker, author, and engagement expert. She helps people get out of the holes they find themselves in and into the lives they always wanted.

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We are talking with Shari Jo because it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a place not of your choosing, given the uncertainty of the last couple of years. So we are talking with an expert about what we can do today to climb out of that deep dark hole and power our subscription businesses up the SSB Income Ladder.

Big Takeaways

Ask me about the hard stuff. Nobody wants to talk about what’s difficult in the social media era. Everything needs to yield instant gratification. Unfortunately, that’s not how life works. We are now experiencing a level of uncertainty not seen in generations. So, we have got pull our challenges into the light and work on them without fear of failure.

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