Today we are talking with Michael Short. Mike is a Business Relationship Coach. Author and motivational speaker. He helps clients find opportunities and tools to increase direct referral sales.

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Building better business relationships is one of the things that end up being on every independent professional’s yearly goals. Whether you’re a business owner or simply independently minded doesn’t matter. We all need better relationships to be successful. So, we’ve got just the expert to help you achieve at least one of your goals.

Big Takeaway

Treat your mastermind group like your biggest client because lack of commitment is why most masterminds groups fail. Your mastermind partners should represent some of your most valued assets —career assets. Nobody succeeds in business alone. They need partners who vouch for their integrity in rooms they can’t get into otherwise.

Just to be clear, masterminds are more than just simple referral networks. They provide access to points of view that can speed up your decision-making processes. They can open doors to new opportunity spaces and give you the strength to abandon those that no longer meet your needs. Especially the ones that you nurtured so diligently in the past.