Today we are talking with Dr. Mark Stiving. Dr. Stiving is the Chief Pricing Educator for Impact Pricing. Dr. Stiving is a widely recognized pricing expert and marketing pro who teaches companies how to boost revenues and realize their true value.

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The reason that we are talking with Mark is that pricing strategy is the darkest of dark arts. When I say dark, I don’t mean bad. I mean opaque. Those who know don’t generally say. And most of those who say aren’t the kind of people you can trust. Dr. Stiving is one of those people who understand the topic and is willing to enlighten the rest of us.

The Big Takeaway

Go be an expert at something is the best advice you can give to a freelancer or contingent professional. It’s all about value when it comes to business. And people pay attention to experts more than they do to a generalist. So, you’ll have to be known for something that people value to be successful post-lockdown.

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