Today, we are talking with Mark Levy. Mark is an author, world-class consultant, keynote speaker, and all-around genius. He helps his clients find the one thing that differentiates them and helping them guard against the trap of seeing themselves only through that one lens. 

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Let’s face it, 2020 was a bear. And it took its toll on most of us. We are talking with Mark because sometimes we need a big sexy idea to get the year started right. Obviously, it would be easier to stay in bed until April, given what we’ve been through. However, there’s no way to hear our guest’s energy and enthusiasm and not be stirred into action.

Big Takeaway

How do we make our mark in the most unusual way possible? Mark Levy suggests that this is the most promising doorway to success post-lockdown. Mark has advised thought leaders like Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why. He has also spoken to large companies like Apple. So you may also want to pay attention to what he says.

Zachary Alexander