Today, we are talking with Mark Hunter, the Sales Hunter. Mark is an author, coach, consult, and world-class keynote speaker. He is an expert at helping companies find and retain better prospects. I’ve been a long time fan of Mark’s because of his book, High Profit Prospecting. Now, I’m getting to know Mark’s new book, A Mind for Sales.

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The reason we are talking with Mark is that no matter how you cut it when you are starting, you’ve got roll up your sleeves and sell your subscription services one by one. The network effect and referrals will kick in once you reach critical mass. However, when you’re trying to get those first subscribers, you’re going to have to contact some people you don’t know.

Big Takeaway

Reach out and test every pivot you before you execute it. You want to make sure that you are pivoting into a real market. So you can make sure you are not just acting on a whim. Get on the phone and talk with people you and trust.

PS: You may want to check out Mark’s new subscription program.

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