Today we are talking with Magie Cook. Magie is a keynote speaker, author, and Nobel Prize Winner. Magie helps her clients reach their full potential and break the barriers preventing them from reaching their ultimate goals.

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The reason that we are talking with Magie is because we hear that the riches are in the niches. However, the majority of people who say that are people who are trying to sell us their latest book or self-help course. So, we are talking with someone who found her niche, then took an $800 gift and turned it into a $231 million company.

Big Takeaway

You have to be open to abundance. It’s all about the mindset that use to approach things. If you come to every opportunity with a negative attitude, then you are going to receive negativity back. It may seem simple. However, it allowed Magie Cook to turn an $800 gift into a $231 million business, which provided a platform to win a Nobel Prize.

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