Today we are talking with Kevin Trout. Kevin is a Vistage CEO Peer Advisory Board Chair, Host of “Three Rivers Leadership” Radio Show, and Editor of “the Monday Morning Coffee Brief.”  He mentors business leaders through the challenges that he has personally experienced while creating and growing profitable businesses.

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Few organizations have helped as many CEOs and founders reach their full potential as Vistage. It’s a place where world-class speakers and subject matter experts regularly present in-depth explorations of C-business business topics. So, we are talking with a Vistage leader about entrepreneurship and the future of the creator economy.

Big Takeaway

It’s all about context and perspective. Some people think you got to find a unicorn to be rewarded for selling your company. They don’t understand the value of niche exits. For the record, private equity companies are sitting on a lot of cash. Private equity likes niche companies because their margins are better and fill a strategic hole in their portfolio.