Today, we are talking with Kari Schwear. Kari is an author, executive lifestyle coach for high performers, and corporate trainer. She helps high performers, business owners, and C-Suite executives who have become disconnected from their purpose.

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We all know it’s easy to get disconnected from who we are and who we want to be. We’ve seen it in our friends and family. After all the lockdowns and reopenings, we are looking to find our way through the gray areas to whatever comes next. So, we are talking with an expert about how to reconnect and find new opportunities for future success.

Big Takeaway

Don’t let the gray area suck you in. Be thankful for your growth. You’ve survived a lot over the last two years. You’re in a much better position to succeed. Take time to value the change you’ve undergone. You’ll find the places if you do where you’ve thrived. And use these as the guideposts for planning your post-uncertainty journey.

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