Today we are talking with Jill Johnson. Jill is an award-winning author,  keynote speaker, and management consultant. As the founder of Johnson Consulting Services in Minneapolis, she helps her clients develop market-based strategies to deal with the complex situations decision-makers find themselves in today.

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The reason that we are talking with Jill is because the bottom has fallen out from under a lot of people in the real economy. While the stock market has started to return to its previous level, freelancers and contingent professionals are struggling to find their footing. So, we’ve asked an expert with 30 plus years of experience to help us out.

Big Takeaway

Value Your Word. If you say, you’re going to do something. Do it. Learn from it if it’s something you don’t want to do again. That’s fine. Even if it doesn’t mean anything to anyone else. Perform every task as if it matters and it will set a standard in your mind that will fuel your success as a subscriptionmaker. 

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