Today, we are talking with Jennifer Bagley. Jennifer is a world-class speaker, sales trainer, and business strategist for the home service industry (i.e., HVAC and Plumbing). She helps her clients secure more eyeballs on their offers than their local competitors.

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We are talking with Jennifer because she knows what it takes for you to benefit fully from a niche strategy. There are a lot of so-called gurus pushing all sorts of niche strategies. However, most of them are long on platitudes and short on practicality. Jennifer, on the other hand, delivers the goods.

Big Takeaway

Do Everything You Can to Digitize You! Stop having sales calls where you answer the same questions. If you have time to sit on a sales call that doesn’t scale, you can create content. Create frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help your customers drill down on the challenges that aren’t obvious to you.   

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