Today, we are talking with Elaine Pasqua. Elaine is a professionals speaker, performance maximizer, and has been a trusted resource to 31 professional teams. She’s worked with over 650 campuses, and countless organizations and businesses.

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The reason that we are talking with Elaine is because she is an expert at having difficult conversations with young adults, millennials. Don’t get me wrong. Elaine talks about making positive choices. However, as many us know from experience, these kinds of conversations are complicated and can go very badly if not handled correctly.

Big Takeaway

Choose reputation over a larger machine. For so many people, the answer to every business question is growth. However, Elaine Pasqua makes the case that a steller reputation is more durable. The business environment may change. However,  the excellent work you’ve done will always position you for success in the future.

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