Today, we have the pleasure of talking with Elaine Pasqua. Elaine is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and career development coach. Elaine works with organizations to help them attract and retain talent regardless of the economic climate.

She has helped empower thousands of professional athletes on 31 pro teams and high achievers in countless businesses and associations. Her passion for creating positive work environments and helping people reach their potential will become instantly apparent to you.

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The current climate has put an unprecedented strain on businesses and organizations. And many of you are looking for answers on attracting and retaining talent to help meet your company goals. So, we’ve got just the expert for you.

Big Takeaway

Culture starts at the top. Only when leaders take responsibility can we begin to address the many issues exacerbated by people who think they’re above it all. Independent professionals can no longer afford to address only those challenges that support their brand. You’ll have to listen to the entire podcast to get the rest of Elaine’s insights.