Today, we are talking with Debbie Radish-Respess. Debbie is an executive coach, strategic business consultant, and mastermind facilitator. Debbie helps C-level executives unleash and maximize their hidden potential in all aspects of life.

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High-performing individuals like C-level executives know what has worked for them in the past. Unfortunately, a lot has changed post-uncertainty, and our go-to strengths may not deliver the kind of results we need to stay relevant. So, we are talking with an expert about how we can unleash and maximize our invisible horizons.

Big Takeaway

Sometimes, you got to peel back a few layers to get to the good stuff. A lot of us are so disconnected from our authentic selves that it’s hard to recognize our strengths. The Great Uncertainty had made both career and business exceedingly tricky. However, we’ve got to trust that we still have the right stuff to succeed.  

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