Today, we are excited to sit down with Debbie Collard, a top executive coach and partner in a leadership development program. Through her guidance, she helps business executives reach their highest potential.

In this interview, we will be digging into the secrets for success that Debbie has gathered from her many years of experience working with successful executives. You will be treated to an inspiring chat with one of the leading voices in executive coaching!

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During uncertain times and economic slowdowns, it’s more important than ever to unlock your potential. Doing so can provide you with the resources needed to thrive despite market conditions. If that interests you, we’ve got just the expert.

Big Takeaway

Don’t change just because there’s a new fad. Following the newest trend can be alluring. After all, who wants to be left behind or out of touch? Unfortunately, the latest shiny objects often result in lost time and effort and a lack of tangible results.

Instead of conforming to modern trends, it’s important to stand firm and focus on what works best. Many failing companies tend to hop around from one idea or product service to the next resulting in a lack of consistency.

As Professor Edwards Deming would say, having a stable process helps maintain quality and prevent mistakes. Well-defined processes alone won’t win you a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. However, it will save from doing a lot of rework. And allow you to contrate on improving your inputs.