Today, we are talking with Carlann Fergusson. Carlann is a leadership change expert, executive coach, and mentor. She helps experienced leaders and business owners bring their strengths back into balance and crush their limiting beliefs.

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We are talking with Carlann because of the SSB Income Ladder. For the record, I’m adapting this concept from a YouTube Video by Adam Enfroy. The SSB Income Ladder describes the maturity and earnings potential of Small Subscription Businesses. Carlann is an expert at helping experienced leaders and business owners overcome the limiting beliefs that could prevent their companies from climbing up the SSB Income Ladder.

Big Takeaways

Don’t let perfectionism stop you from getting things done. Too many business owners rely on temporary fixes to manage imposter syndrome and other limiting beliefs, leading to much more significant challenges. Can you really afford the energy drain that occurs when you don’t address the root causes of self-doubt?

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