Today we are talking with Brynne Tillman. Brynne helps professionals use LinkedIn to transform the way they grow their businesses. There are a lot of so-called LinkedIn gurus out there in the marketplace. However, there is only one LinkedIn Maven that sales experts like Jeffrey Gitomer and David Newman trust to talk with their audiences. 

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We are talking with Brynne because she can give us practical advice on extending and enhancing relationships with our subscribers’. As you know, relationships are important for success in traditional sales situations. However, they are essential to continuous operations when it comes to subscription commerce.

Big Takeaway

Slow down your outreach to speed up your outcome. Brynne Tillman reminds us that there is a difference between activity and effectiveness. Just because you’re filling your day with busy work doesn’t mean that you will generate any more business. It could lead your subscribers to think of you as a spammer.

–Zachary Alexander