Today, we are talking with Brenda Harrington. Brenda is an author, executive coach, and leadership development facilitator. She helps her clients refine their leadership competencies and develop the professional habits necessary to achieve the greatest impact.

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When I grew up, the “old people” used to say there’s always something. What would they say about maximizing our potential for success? We go from dealing with the Great Pause to another war in Europe to the resulting inflation. So, where do we go for insight into maximizing our impact? So, we’ve got just the expert for you. 

Big Takeaway

What will have made this of value to you? It seems like a fundamental question. However, it opens the door to lifelong learning and taking charge of your situation. Join Brenda Harrington and me as we talk about how hard it is to look in the mirror for answers. And hold oneself accountable.

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