Today, we are talking with Brad Federman. Brad is an executive coach, author, and member of the Forbes Executive council. He helps executives amplify their brands by leveraging company culture, customers, and other associated relationships.

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We are talking with Brad because so many people are just over the uncertainty we have dealt with in the last few years. They want to build a company culture that they can depend on where everyone pulls in the same direction. So, we are talking with an expert about how we can cultivate a company culture that will reduce day-to-day uncertainty.

Big Takeaways

You got to pay the price to value company culture. Too many companies think that gloming on to another company’s mission statement or purpose will help them succeed. It won’t. For company culture to stick, the employees must feel like it was borne of their shared struggle.

Here’s how you can reach out to Brad Federman and follow what’s next for his company PerformancePoint.

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