As we move from crisis to crisis, most of us long for a time when we could control our lives, plan for our futures, and make meaningful contacts. Connections that would benefit us spiritually, sustain us mentally and provide us with a foundation for building a more successful career.

If this interests you, stick around to hear from someone who can help you take ownership of your life and create a better, more satisfying future.

Hey, I’m your host Zachary Alexander. And I want to thank you for joining us on this episode of the SubscriptionMaker podcast.

It’s my pleasure to speak with Aaron Walker. Aaron mentors clients who want to make the most of their days and live to the fullest. From business success to spiritual development, Aaron provides guidance that helps clients reach their full potential.

Big Takeaway

Impact is Everything! Simply working to put points on the board won’t scratch that inch like having an impact on other people. Once you reach that goal that you’ve been pouring your heart into can leave you feeling empty. Not meeting that challenge can be worse for otherwise successful people. We see that in Olympic Athletes. They are often prone to depression, win or lose after the big event.

Now for me, I believe that micro-exits are a worthy form of impact. I believe in turning a prototype or minimum-value product into a business and selling it. To me, that’s impact. You may not be able to buy a private island, but it may improve your life.