Today, we are talking with Jim Collison. Jim is the Director of Talent Acquisition and the CliftonStrengths Community Manager. He’s also the first person I’ve asked to join us a second. He gave us so much to think about I had to ask him back for more.

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We are talking with Jim because there’s never been a greater need for effective communication. It looks like the lockdown may be lifting. And our teams need to assess the agree upon the new normal. We are talking with Jim because everyone communicates differently, and I believe CliftonStrengths provides a guide for ensuring no one’s feelings get hurt.

Big Takeaway

It’s not bad. It’s not good. It’s just different. Jim Collison suggests that this is the best mindset to approach the post-lockdown world. There has already been a lot of hyperbolic talk about our current situation. Jim reminds us that we should settle into the new normal play to our strengths.

–Zachary Alexander