Today, we are talking with Loren Murfield. Loren is an author, speaker, and facilitator. Loren is the co-founder of Total Career Growth. Simply put, he helps executives think bigger and reach higher.

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The reason that we are talking with Loren is that a lot of us need an attitude adjustment. We are still approaching business with a pre-lockdown mindset. And the only thing that didn’t stop during the lockdown was the introduction of paradigm-shifting tech. So, we are talking with an expert who can help us re-engineer our mindset.

Big Takeaway

Do things that give you goosebumps. Life’s too short to spend it grinding away at a faceless job that has no impact. The pandemic and the eventual lockdown have shown us just how quickly things can turn around. The pre-lockdown mindset causes way too many people to confuse pent-up demand with long-term business opportunities.